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Voice-controlled appliances. The future of Smart Homes

Smart Homes. Far away from being just wishful thinking, voice-controlled home automation devices are revolutionizing our way to conceive our domestic routine.

Whishing the heating is set on, but you are too lazy to get your nose out of the blanket? Wanting to check out the TV news while you are preparing your most spectacular rainbow cake, but you’re already stuck with the mixing bowl, dripping with vanilla and flour?

Don’t worry – voice-controlled home automation appliances are here to get you out of trouble.

And no, you are not trapped in a Hollywood movie, this is real life. This is your home … just a little bit smarter.

In the last few years, voice-controlled home appliances prices have significantly dropped. Away from being fancy luxuries, these devices are quite affordable, and more and more families now can buy them.

In this new scenario, everyone can have a convenient home setup where appliances can be automatically controlled remotely from anywhere.

Voice-controlled cooking

Imagine. Your best friend shows up unannounced and your chicken is waiting for you in the oven. Candy Smart system keeps you in control of the oven’s settings from wherever you are. With a few taps on the Candy Simply-Fi app you can turn on the oven without any need to leave the sitting-room.

And thanks to Google Assistant, your job is even easier. Just speak up and Google will make sure that your Candy wi-fi connected oven is heating at your requested temperature.

Voice-controlled Washing

Can’t figure out the right washing program for your favorite jumper? No problem, Candy Smart washing machines are equipped with AI-supported voice recognition capabilities.

This system allows your wi-fi connected washing machine to work along with Google Assistant to find out which washing program is suitable for your jumper fabric.

It’s a kind of magic. Don’t you think? Voice-controlled appliances are the ultimate and most exciting era of Smart Homes.

Are you ready to jump in?

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